2-Wheels Vs. Trike Conversion


Once the thrill of the open road is in your blood, it becomes something that you just can't let go of. However, life throws everyone a curve now and then and the sad reality is not all of us can take the ride on two wheels. The great news is that we are not bound to live a life of driving a four-wheeled armored box when we can add a third wheel to our existing bike and hit the open road once more.

There are five important advantages to a trike conversion that you should consider:

1. No Spill Passenger Or Load

The third wheel and wider rear wheel base, delivers the stability that allows you to carry a load or passenger without altering the balance or dynamics of your bike. Not only does this reduce the stress on you, the rider, but also reduces the passenger's stress. Additionally, for longer rides where you might want to pull a trailer, it is much easier to handle on a trike than on a two-wheeled bike.

2. Road Conditions Are Less Of An Issue

Metal grating on bridges, manhole covers, gravel and dirt roads, are easy to handle on a trike. Not only does this reduce the stress on the rider and potentially removes road based trouble spots but it opens up more travel possibilities as well.

3. Less Rider Fatigue

Rider fatigue is a factor in many accidents and while you can never eliminate rider fatigue, especially on long rides, you can reduce it to a manageable element with a trike as opposed to a bike. More stability means less stress on the rider and less rider input is required. Combine these and you get a more comfortable ride that you can't really get on a bike.

This is especially an advantage while touring or riding long distances.

4. Better Visibility

Can you imagine spending more time observing the sites and less time concentrating on the road? That's exactly why a lot of riders choose a trike.

Its also better for other vehicles on the road. A trike is an attention getter and the larger shape offers other drivers a better chance at seeing you. This can be vital at intersections and for those drivers who are behind you.

5. Pain Saving

An advantage that appeals to many people is that you don't have to place your feet on the ground at a stop. This can be especially pain saving when stuck in stop and go traffic. Also, for longer rides it cuts down on the potential for joint pain as you are not having to support the weight of the bike and passenger at stops. or when navigating a parking lot. In addition, most trikes have a reverse option which keeps you from ever having to push your motorcycle.

Both two-wheeled motorcycles and trikes have advantages and disadvantages on the road but one advantage that a trike has, it can be made from converting an existing bike. Trike conversion is a process that many shops offer. Your bike is a part of you and trading your old friend in for a trike doesn't feel right. Trike conversion is a way for your to keep your best riding buddy and still enjoy the open road with the same flair and passion as you have in the past.

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