4 Reasons to Convert a Trike Motorcycle

Once a biker, always a biker.

While that mantra may be a part of your life’s credo, sometimes life (and circumstances) get in the way and we can’t always “ride, eat, sleep….repeat” as much as we want (or in the way that we want). If you’ve found that what was meant to be a just a short hiatus from riding has turned into a whole season (or more), converting your bike into a trike motorcycle will get you back on the road ~ in style, comfort, and confidence.

Here’s 4 reasons why you should considering converting your bike to a trike motorcycle:

1. A Trike is Great for One, and Awesome for Two

If you have a significant other who enjoys venturing out into the great outdoors and exploring new roads and new places as much as you do, there is absolutely no better way to connect, be close to nature, and be comfortable than on a trike motorcycle. While touring bikes may come with all the bells and whistles for those longer road trips, the comfort level for both you and your partner on a two-wheel motorcycle just doesn’t measure up to what a trike provides.

2. A Trike is Safer Than a Traditional Bike

Let’s face it ~ while you are undoubtedly a defensive, totally-aware, and conscientious biker on the road, many of the folks behind the wheel of cars, SUVs, and trucks today are just not that same kind of cautious and thoughtful driver…especially when it comes to noticing, acknowledging, and giving plenty of space to the bikers sharing the roadways with them. What’s more, many drivers are easily distracted by their car full of passengers, their phones, and everything else but the road and the biker just ahead of them or in the lane next to them. Trike motorcycles are bigger than their two-wheeled counterparts, so ~ they are easier to see.

In addition, the shape and size of trikes offer more stability, balance, and traction control than a 2-wheeler. The shape of a trike adds some collision protection in a rear or side impact. Let’s not forget the number of times you felt like you and your bike were going to topple over every time one of your passengers hopped on the back of your two-wheeler with you; you’ll never have that heart-stopping feeling again while on your trike motorcycle!

Another notable benefit of riding a 3-wheeler is you will have a much shorter stopping distance than bikes due to more rubber on the road.

3. A Trike Lets You Be a Biker Who (Still) Rides ~ Forever

Whether you or your beloved bike partner has survived a stroke, a heart attack, a hip replacement, or simply decades upon decades on the road, a trike gives you the freedom and joy to still be a biker who rides (vs. one who meets the gang at the corner watering hole via the pick-up truck and simply shares stories of days gone by on the roads). A trike motorcycle makes it physically easy, safe, and comfortable for you and your passenger to mount and dismount the bike; often times, this isn't the case with a traditional two-wheel bike after you’ve had a knee replacement or other surgery. There’s absolutely no reason to give up biking because you are not physically where you were last season. A trike makes you equal with all the other bikers relishing the great outdoors ~ you’re all riding on the road; you’re all on bikes; you all have the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the borderless, windowless, door-less wide open spaces surrounding you.

4. With a Trike, Camaraderie is Multiplied

While taking your bike out alone for an early morning cruise or a late night ride is something every biker has done and enjoys doing, there is nothing quite like heading to the local pub for Wednesday Night Wing Night with a whole group of other bikers. The instant camaraderie you feel when you see and acknowledge Another biker on the same road as you is an unbreakable bond. Whether through a slight nod of your head, or a wave, you and that other biker are in sync at that moment; you’re both on the same road, at the same time, experiencing what no other traveler on that road besides a biker can experience. Add to that cool serendipitous moment the fact that you are riding a trike motorcycle, and you've increased your group of like-minded travelers exponentially! You not only share a common interest and passion with other bikers in general, but also with trike owners specifically.

For more information on converting your bike to a trike, contact us today!

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