Press Release: New Trike Warranty Raises the Bar for Industry Standard


California Sidecar (CSC), the industry’s leading trike manufacturer, is introducing an all-new, groundbreaking 5-year/unlimited warranty on all trikes manufactured by CSC. This warranty will be the new standard warranty for all trikes manufactured by CSC.

“We have the most dependable and reliable suspension in the trike market,” said California Sidecar Manager Dwight Harrington. “CSC is confident in our product and our commitment to our customers. As such, we are putting our money where our mouth is. Our products are tried, true and tested. We believe in our products and want to back them up with a promise of quality and reliability to our customers.”

California Sidecar was originally established as a sidecar manufacturer in 1974. As they gained experience and built their reputation, CSC entered the trike market in 1995 and continued to build its brand and its success. Today, by offering their new 5-year standard warranty, they continue to show their commitment to quality to the industry. California Sidecar offers trike kits for the Honda, Harley Davidson, Indian, Kawasaki, Victory, and Yamaha. They also offer multiple Escapade trailer models.

Buyers can get the warranty by purchasing a new trike kit from any trike dealer across the country, or directly from CSC, located in Arrington, VA. To locate a dealer, or schedule a test ride, go to or call (800) 824-1523.