Why I Chose a Honda Trike

honda trike

Honda Goldwing represent the premier in touring bikes. While there are other touring motorcycles available, none has the rich history and acceptance of the Goldwing. Designed as a long distance riding bike, all the features for comfort and safety are built into the bike.

Not wanting to give up such a spectacular and superior ride due to life changes, I decided to have my bike converted to a trike. And after experiencing the road again, I can honestly say I should have done it sooner.

Why Trike Your Bike?

Life hits us at one point or another - for me, I found that I was unable to handle such a large bike as I used to. I considered selling the bike but I just didn't want to part with something I enjoyed for so long. It was around that point that I saw a trike on the road and thought to myself... I wonder if I could do that?

After doing some research, I came to the conclusion that having a Honda trike would solve a lot of issues and I could get back into the open air.

Trike Kit vs. New Trike

The one question I always get is: why did you choose to trike the Goldwing instead of purchasing a new trike? The Goldwing I have is comfortable, the control placement was perfect for me and I loved all the features my bike had. I didn't want to learn a new bike/trike. I wanted my bike. It was mine, it was in great shape and rode well. I knew the sound it would make when it would strain and how it handled on the different pavement.

On top of everything else, it was more affordable for me to go with a conversion than to purchase a new one.

Why Honda Trike is for Me

There are other bikes that make good conversions: Harley and Indian for example. But the Goldwings are packed with features, and are extremely reliable and dependable. I don't have to worry about being stuck on the side of the highway. Almost everything is easily accessible and it has the comfort I want for a long ride. Maintenance is a breeze - she starts smooth each time. Best of all, with a trike conversion I have all the same benefits just with three instead of two wheels. Giving me the added benefit of stability.

As a Honda Goldwing is an established touring machine that can handle the smooth roads or hard roads, it makes the perfect Honda trike. You don't lose the benefits of the two-wheeled bike and you add the benefit of stability to all the features with your new Honda trike.

Even if you can ride two wheels just fine, going with a trike conversion only improves your riding experience.