5 Best Places to Ride a Harley Trike Motorcycle

harley trike ride in texas

Life demands and constraints sometimes hide the benign and beautiful from our eyes. Luckily, taking our rightful place on the back of our trike can both relieve stress and return us to our center.

Riding tall in the saddle of your Harley trike provides a unique and spectacular view of the wonders of our world. As Americans we have access to some of the most beautiful and diverse views that anyone could hope to ever see. Along the way, we can take part in or enjoy events and personalities that will foster memories that will last forever.

As a Harley Trike rider, here are 5 of the top rides you should consider:

1. Texas Bluebonnet Spring Harley Trike Ride

Nestled between College Station and Austin, Texas is some of the most beautiful terrain with soft rolling hills, large open pastures, and a deep country atmosphere. During the Spring in late March, early April, the famous Bluebonnet flowers dot the landscape. Along with various wildflowers such as Indian Paintbrush and more, create vivid rides filled with color and is something that has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Perfect for a comfortable, open space ride.

2. West Virginia's George Washington Highway

Spring or fall, the winding roads draped with overhangs of trees sets the stage for nature's beauty at its best. Mountains, meandering rivers, babbling brooks and more await the Harley trike rider and companions. Along the ride there is a National Park, a State Park and numerous small and quaint towns, each with its own unique character. In addition, locally two other scenic rides are available, the BlueRidge Parkway and Skyline Drive, both with their own version of nature's wonders.

3. Daytona Beach Bike Week

Some might consider a break from the nature appreciation by taking advantage of the ten-day long festivities and events that take place every March in Daytona Beach, Florida. Over 500,000 people from all walks of life attend this motorcycle event to take part in the fun and the sun that Daytona offers. This event has everything from organized rides, racing, concerts, parties and more, or you can just take time out and relax on the beach. Whatever your passion, there is a place for it during Daytona's Bike Week.

4. The Black Hills North Dakota

Weaving through open plains and tall spires of the Rocky Mountains is a thrill of a lifetime. Comfortable and well-maintained roads built among some of the most awesome and picturesque scenery there is will just take your breath away. With plenty of space between towns, this is Harley trike ride that will energize and rejuvenate even the most hardened rider. This ride is also great for all types of riders and skill levels.

5. Sun Coast Highway, California

Packed away from the high traffic areas of LA and Southern California is the thrill that is the Sun Coast Highway. Laying along side the coast for the majority of length, the fresh ocean air and the sound of waves crashing compliment your trike's pipes like no other sounds can. The quaint shops and locals along the way add more to the experience and it is a great way to enjoy the sight of the Pacific Ocean, on the back of your Harley Trike.

These are just a few of the rides you should consider as they each offer unique opportunities to see the countryside. These allow you to experience the world first hand on the back of your trike and you can either share it with others or ride alone. No matter how you decide to do it, give these a ride.